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Timeless blooms
individual packs

full kit with 38 elements (50 in total) and 9 papers
4 arranged papers
4 paper edges
5x2 floral overlays
4 arrangements
4 stamps
5 blue clusters
5 light clusters
9 quick pages

all individual packs 20% OFF to May 22st 


Timeless blooms

collection without quick pages & FWP
collection with quick pages & FWP

all collections 45% OFF to May 22st 





Lovely templates 02 and 03

2x5 arranged templates in PNG, PSD and TIFF
in the templates I used white backround

If you want paper to your templates, you can use
Lovely templates 02 and 03 paper packs

Each pack contains 10 papers from the collections
which I used for templates.


to May 11

buy Lovely templates 02 or 03 (PNG, PSD, TIFF)
get Lovely templates pack of papers 02 or 03 FREE
(to templates 02 paper pack 02, to templates 03 paper pack 03)

for all my ipages I used photos by Pixabay and texts by Wikipedia